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We offer our clients a comprehensive range of legal services. This offering is not arbitrary; rather, it is the product of experience. Indeed, all the areas in which we operate are somehow interconnected and working on a given area often implies dealing with the others as well. Over the years, we have been adding each one of them to our service offering as we went along.

Not only did we gather the expertise, we have also accumulated key contacts in the different fields and perfected the process of delivering them, because it is not only about the law, but also about how it is applied and the people involved in its application. Just knowing the books simply won’t do.

Our manner of working is very hands on and personal. Imparting information is important, but so is guidance and working together. We listen to you and we think. Then we give you advice, and we work with you closely to help you hit your goals every time.

We take responsibility for our actions, but also for how looked after and protected you feel throughout. And this is not a marketing line, our established reputations and business very much depend on it.

Property & Land Law:

Real Estate is one of the main drivers of Mallorca’s and Ibiza's economy, and property is the most widely-owned asset. With its pristine environment, easy reach from most of Europe’s urban centers, capacity for growth and development and very low crime rate, Mallorca and Ibiza are a safe environment for an investment in real estate or for residency. With our local experience and technical ability, we have handled some of the most complex property transactions on the island.

Our conveyancing service, truly unique, takes the buyer in an easy manner through all the steps necessary to achieve a thorough and trouble free transaction.

From the moment of instruction, we will explain clearly the structure of the process and its milestones (exchange, title investigation, completion, tax payments), providing a structured route map, so that buying abroad does not mean taking a leap-of-faith and it is as enjoyable for you as possible. And believe us, it is possible to enjoy buying when you are on the driving seat and you can simply look forward to your acquisition.

  • Purchase and Sale of Properties: enquiries; investigation of title, charges and third party interests; negotiation; exchange of contracts; completion, registration.

  • Short term lets for all kinds of properties, including flats.

  • Land charges: Mortgages.

  • Leasehold Land: Grant and Assignment of a Lease, Tenancy Agreements, Landlord and Tenant rights & responsibilities.

  • Advice on the transmission of Land assets.

  • Advice on obtaining Planning Permission, Licences and Building Regulations.

  • Breaches of Land and Building Regulations.

  • Drafting of building contracts.

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Company & Commercial Law:

Whether you are thinking of establishing a company to hold property assets in it, selling it or raising capital, setting up solid contract work to support a business venture, registering a brand or protecting intellectual property rights, we work in an open dialogue with you in order to devise the strategy which will best serve your interests.

  • Contract Law and contract based claims.

  • Brand and commercial name registrations.

  • Constitution, sale and purchase of companies, amendment of Articles of Association.

  • Tax liabilities for Directors’ and employees’ service contracts

  • Mergers and Acquisitions.

  • Management buyouts.

  • Intellectual Property.

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Inheritance Law:

Inheritance law is important, because it is the basis of the distribution of your Estate, but also because of its tax implications. It is also complex, since it touches upon many other areas, typically property, company and family law.

We listen, we think and we plan. Then we give you our advice, and we listen some more.

  • Wills

  • Inheritance Tax liabilities and the transmission of assets.

  • Transborder acceptance of inheritances.

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Family Law:

Family law is notoriously sensitive and it is critical to the outcome that the approach is personal: only then can we be aware of what it is that matters most to you, as well as learning about the personalities and issues involved in the particular case.

  • Judicial separation.

  • Divorce proceedings and nullity.

  • Ancillary relief.

  • Custody.

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Tourism Law:

Tourism and its tributary industries represent 90% of the Balearic Islands GDP, so almost anything which happens in Mallorca and Ibiza has something to do with it. It is therefore unthinkable not to develop an interest and a focus in the key elements of touristic laws and regulations.

  • Touristic rental licences

  • Short term let for unlicenced properties

  • Rental Agency contracts and advice for businesses

  • Regulatory advice for hotels, hospitality businesses and touristic properties

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